Use a computer

The library has wireless Internet and five public computers with Internet access.

The library computers for patron use are located in the front area. There is wireless internet that can be accessed from anywhere within the library. We also have an AWE computer in our children's area that is equipped with games for young children.

We will be glad to help you with the computers or specific programs but you should have basic computer knowledge before starting.

Please ask a librarian about the availability of computers. Computer time is scheduled in 45-minute time slots. Extended time may be granted if no one is waiting.

There is a maximum of 1 person at the same computer at one time; sharing computers is not allowed.

Young children should be supervised by an adult or qualified user.

The librarian may terminate computer use for excessive noise, damage to equipment or if there are hardware or software problems. Patrons who unplug headphones or other cords from computers will be asked to get off the computers.

Please no food or drink near the computers!